its cool, looks like tribes

Derp, fake.

Go back to the flood…

Oh wow, it looks so real.

Stop posting this crap.

Huh???, anyways, FAKE!


Pretty sure they aren’t going to show actual game play already, it’s still to far away. They are just going to give a trailer hint or to towards some storyline aspects at the VGA.

Bottom line: FAKE

Quit posting these kind of threads!! :frowning:

Personally i hope the trailer announces a multiplayer beta.

This looks like unreall tournament or something like that, and if halo 4 sucks like reach! This game looks really promising and competetive! :smiley:

This doesn’t really look like a halo game. But hey, if it turns out to be real I could probably get into it. Looks rather fun regardless of it being Halo 4 or not.

People, don’t bother even replying to these types of threads. For starters, leaked info, whether fake or real, is not allowed. Secondly, threads like these are starting to turn into trolling/ spam threads. Just report the post and move on. Don’t bother replying.

Creating fake threads like this will get you a temporary forum ban. Just a heads up to the rest of you.