Halo 4 Vehicles Compared To Halo Reach

Personally I want to see the return of vehicles with a similar health system to Halo 3, less vehicles but they are tougher. It makes vehicle to vehicle combat more fun, frequent and realistic. I hate Reaches system where a good sniper can destroy a tank with a couple of mags or less, before the tank gets anywhere near anyone or even away from its spawn. It should be more about disabling, power weapons, or killing occupants when It comes to vehicles in my opinion. PS No-one come saying its an anti materiel rifle. I know about guns, I shoot in real life and anyone who knows anything about guns knows even a 14.5x114mm cant do much at all to the Armour used on tanks nowadays, never mind 550 years in the future.

agreed, they should also not flip as easily

I love the Halo 2 and Halo 3 health system for vehicles.

Reach just sucks in that area.

Im really surprised bungie managed to make a mistakes like these, this is even worse than armour abilities in my opinion…