Halo 4 USNC INFINITY free roam

i was just thinking would it be possible for 343i to allow us to free roam on the unsc infinity like on duke nukem mulitiplayer you had your crib
but it would have a twist to it every on on your friends list is on the same ship
and you can all see each other.

you could also do it were everyone has there own customizable room like phantasy’s star universe only way better there could also be a tv in the room which you click on and it takes you to way-point
there could be other things like an assault course,shooting range, briefing room/clan briefing room,armoury.
also could have ai walking around the ship that you can interact with like the master chief
or the captain of the unsc infinity

feel free to add you own ideas

Guess we’ll wait and find out…

Sounds cool

but not going to happen

Its not going to happen unfortunatly, but maybe the last spartan ops mission will be on infinity

I thought of this too and it would be SOOOOO awesome. Even if its a small section of the infinity it would be cool to have my character walk to the holodeck to play matchmaking or walk to a location to take me on my spartan ops missions. Of course people can change the menu to being the simple one that it probably will be but I would love to explore the infinity and talk to the personnel aboard it.

> Sounds cool
> but not going to happen

But perhaps in Halo 5.

I already made a thread about this a while back but can’t find the link, sorry my search isn’t working, i agree anyway this would be a cool addition to Halo 4, they could include loads of easter eggs on the ship as well which would be good and they could use it as a kind of menu so you could go to different areas of the ship to initiate different game modes, it would need a fast travel though because the ship is over 3 miles long.

Would be very sweet, but I think the cost to develop something as ambitious as that (time and resources) for something that only really amounts to a Menu Screen it is probably never going to happen.

However if this happened in Halo 5 even with something akin to the size of the Normandy’s play space in Mass Effect (seriously if the entire 3 mile ship was rendered it would be silly), I would go absolutely insane.

i would be so happy if they would have dat

I am sure they might release a UNSC infinity map for the corridor shooter lovers out there then you can just forge it into your crib