Halo 4 Updates/patches?

So with all the talk of patches and updates and the like, one question i have not heard is what these updates and or patches are going to be, or if they are going to exist at all.

The biggest question i have is whether these title updates are going to be bug fix’s only, or if they will possible add new content, and with that question to what degree. i could see minor features being added but the problem im seeing from what i know of game design and Microsoft’s update procedures, there are very strict limits to how much additional data the developers can add, both per update, and over the lifespan of the game.

I guess a good comparison for this question would be if we are planning on getting Minecraft-esqe Updates, OR are we getting game tweaks, OR are we going to get strictly Bug Fixes and updates that were intended for launch? (i.e. File Browser)

Another question is what the community wants so what kind of updates do you all expect and or want?

I just want to see Race, Infection, VIP, One Flag & Assault some back. I don’t care if they fix anything else.