Halo 4 upcoming maps.

I would like to see the return of halo 3 maps like Guardian Narrows Pit etc will there be anything like this been added to Halo 4.

They would not work in halo 4, sprint, aa’s, and every other thing would completely ruin them maps.

Hahaha seeing how they can’t get their Fileshare working, their theater optimized, and various other big problems I dont foresee THESE maps coming out anytime soon unless the Forgers are allowed to do what they do best.

Also! 343 has already made four total DLC Map Packs before they even released H4…oh did I say H4, I meant H$. 343i is only in it for the money and don’t care what problems they have, they just want to make as much as money as possible without tackling the issues that are troubling their “first game”.

Therefore my answer is no, not for a long long time.

I want Countdown back.

Its my favorite Halo MP map of all time.