-Halo 4 Unveil!- ONE. DAY. MORE! -Vid-

> Speaks for itself :’] → http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpGA_VRc1Ro ← ONE DAY MORE!

That is all.

UNKNOWN says you’re welcome for that.

One More Sleepz. :wink:

for once im gonna break having alright grammer - OMG HALO 4 AHHHDGHFVAHDKNB MUST HAZ HALO 4 AGHHHH CANNOT WAIT BLARGGGGG!!!

ok now to repeat that until tomorrow :smiley:

I can’t wait to seal myself off from the rest of the world for two hours tomorrow.

This is the most I’ve ever been excited for E3!

> One More Sleepz. :wink:

LOL dem eyez!

I can’t decide if today is a blessing or a curse. Tomorrow can’t get here soon enough. I also know that regardless of what is shown these forums are once again going to upgrade to level super scum. It’s really disappointing when all you want to do is be hyped then you come here and that hype is almost instantly killed. I don’t mind people rage’n on the forums but right after watching a new trailer or demo… It makes me pretty sad. I at least let things soak in for a while before I complain about it.

I can’t get a live feed, so I’m relying on Shade’s sticky thread to give me the info I want.