Halo 4 Uncaged

Hey guys, I was bored today so I decided to try my best at remaking one of my favorite hale reach maps, Uncaged, a variant of The Cage. If has been changed up a lot to better fit Halo 4 but the base map still remains the same. I just finished up to this point today so the map isn’t 100% complete.

Things I need to fix:

  • Spawn Points
  • Some Death zones
  • Add in more aesthitics and make some current ones look smoother.
  • Maybe some weapon spawns

Please tell me what you think of it. You can download it by doing a fileshare search by gamertag;

Zoid Reborn

Please tell me what you guys think :slight_smile: It’s my first actual forge map outside of -Yoinking!- around with the mantis and banshee lol.

actually, that is the best I’ve seen for a remake, but no offense, I’d think it’d be better if it was remade on impact, but thats my opinion. Or how about both, that would be cool.

Any how, great job, one spot ain’t exactly the same, but it flows and works, thank you. I loved that map myself. Second, if you can, on the landing pad there, you should put the mantis there…That probably be a bad idea, but hey, its your map, but your a shoe in on the remake, just need to put the weapons there and add some of the forrunner maps.

Hey, can you do me a favor, its all on you, but you rebuild my star wars map on farge world on halo reach on this game in star wars, I loved that map and asylum…Pm me later here or in game, and we can chat… But awesome memory, great job…

Thanks, glad you like it (Oh, the weapons spawn at the start of the game as “initial Drops”) - And sure, if I like your map I’d give a go at remaking it.


Well, its online here, on my file browser for reach with 183 downloads + 3 likes, I think that could mean a few things. You can change a few things to make it ook more starwars like, as that wasn’t my intent but happened anyway…

But I see, intial drops are okay, but to me, sometimes its nice to have some of the weaopnons already there without waiting, but thats my opinion, anyhow, great job…