Halo 4 TU: What Needs to Happen

I just want to say thanks to 343. Thanks for taking over Halo. Thanks for bringing back the Master Chief. And thanks for upsetting the carefully tuned balance of matchmaking that has been established for ten years running.

From Halo: CE to Halo: Reach, there were rules. The team who could control the map and control your given resources (power weapons, grenade and loadout weapon spawns, vehicles, etc.) would win the game. There was no deviation from that law. Success meant disciplined map control.

With the advent of Infinity Slayer, 343 has taken the essence of power weapons, concentrated it, and given Halo 4 a quadruple dose of it. There is no more anticipating what the enemy will bring to a gunfight. It could be anything from an AR to an Incineration Cannon. We have lost all reason for controlling maps and using what is given to us - our loadout weapons. It’s all about power weapons now.

The community hates spawn killers. That seems to be why there is, so far, no 8 vs 8 objective playlist in matchmaking. 343 is afraid of upsetting their new fan base by making it impossible to do what is so easy to do in Infinity Slayer. They wanted this game to sell. How so? Give kids as many power weapons as they want, and don’t let them get spawn killed.

So, what needs to happen in this rumored Title Update that is soon coming out? Here’s my take on it:

  • Nerf the Boltshot. It’s a pocket shotgun you can spawn with. Absolutely unacceptable. Limit its range, or disable it for personal loadouts.
  • Add 8 vs 8 objective. Within it, remove personal ordinance. Hell, remove power weapons ENTIRELY. How about ammo crates for your primary weapons instead? Go ahead and add other playlists like this. Take all the focus off of being a cheap power weapon hog.
  • For matchmaking, disable Join in Progress for groups of players. My teams get split up all the time when I go to search in smaller playlists. Only keep JIP for single players. We play together to play together, not to be split up.

That would bring Halo 4 back to where it should be. This game has a lot of potential. It just needs to be pruned and trimmed, like any plant needs it. Right now, Halo 4 is wild, tangled and uncontrolled. That has to change.