Halo 4 Trueskill Ranking Thoughts????

I have spoken to many people in the halo community that have played since halo 2 and they agree the halo 2 ranking system that is viewable and cool looking needs to be back or something similar. Before you say this is a new game, people will cheat, and accounts will be sold, please let me discuss each of these. First is this is a new game and yes halo 4 is a great new game but when viewable rank is made on a competitive play list to everyone you get people seeing how they add up to others and it makes you want to play your heart out so you can be the best and show your friends you are a whatever. It makes the game worth playing and 343 can look and they will find that doing this would make players addictively play halo 4 for a rank. Second is cheating, in today’s world 343 has the technology to completely avoid the common cheating practices and this could be heavily monitored and besides that you always have people who will find a way to cheat even in COD this occurs. Lastly, is account selling, 343 has ranted how they dont want accounts to be sold. Lets think though if you add any kind of competitive rank do you think accounts will be sold?..YES even in COD prestige out accounts are sold. I have a solution to help this although, in Battlefield 3 there is one account per disc online limit and if this was implemented with 343 accounts would be much harder to sell. The overall feeling I get is fun social halo is there but 343 needs to bring back competitive halo that the diehards love. Visible rank is a true way this can happen. Please consider these thoughts 343.

Thank you and please let me know your opinions on the matter,


My opinion is that you need to look into formatting skills.

I am not going to bother, but the ranking doesn’t need to be visible at all, from what I scanned.

It just creates e-peen waving on the forums, and nothing more. You will know how good you are, or arent, by the people you get matched against.

I’d vote, but my options not up there.

Agreed with this thread. They will not add a full skill ranking system. They are only adding a web based csr. More info and to support a full skill ranking system check this thread out https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst135168_1-50-Competitive-Skill-Rank-Official-Thread.aspx

Good job on a terrible poll and a wall of text. 0/10

I stopped caring after I got my 48 in Halo 3, but they really should have just put it in Halo 4 so people would shut up.