Halo 4 Tried to be Too Much Like CoD

The title says it all folks. HaloCharts shows the game hasn’t had 60k players online since March 9th.

I am a huge Halo fan, but this game trying to be a CoD game isn’t what it should be doing. If it stayed with its roots of being more like Halo 2/3, we would have been having 200k–250k players on Matchmaking everyday just like the good old days of Halo 3.

Sadly, until the next major game update, this game’s population is just going to keep diminishing until it hits Halo Wars population.

Edit: If I wanted to go play CoD, I’d go buy that game which I refuse to do. It’s a bad game with a bad community.

You know, earlier today I saw someone make the comment that the new Gears of War: Judgement was just like Call of Duty. So congrats complainers, you’ve officially made a new meme. Please, take the time to explain to me why the latest Tomb Raider is Call of Duty. Don’t stop there, I need someone to explain X-COM to me!

CoD/H4 comparison threads occur far too often, and always end with the same result, so we tend discourage them in hopes of keeping discussion constructive. Secondly, if you wish to discuss population, please do so in this thread.