Halo 4 too easy?

Just yesterday I played Halo 4 for the first time, as I had just bought it and a new Xbox. My last one had broken. Well, after playing 2-3 levels in campaign, I went to check out War Games. In my first about 5 games, I usually dominated. I hit most points/kills in most of my Infinity Slayer and Regicide games, and I got to thinking, is Halo 4 this easy? I hope not, it seems catering to the newbies and Call of Duty players. Granted I love Halo, and will play any Halo game no matter how bad people say it is, but still, why does it seem to be catering to people who haven’t played any Halo games as of yet?

Search with randoms on a constant basis, no friends or full teams.

Search Infinity Slayer for a while.

Get pwned by the inevitable full team.

Oddball and CTF too.

You can’t get a good grasp on the games match ups on the first five games of MP. That’s like saying competitive pokemon is easy to play even though i’ve won only a single battle.

The first match I played I went 21-1 (I got two Triples with the snipe). In the third match I went 32-2 (got the Rampage medal).

Just saying, but I don’t think the game is that easy though.

i actually think it’s the other way around due to the primary rifles being buffed leading into everyone into ganging up on one another. i find it hard to get a double kill in a 4vs4 in halo 4

Halo 4 is not easy to play in matchmaking. Some matches you find noobs, some others you will find great team with great gaming. At first, i had that same thought.

i repeat, halo 4 is not easy :wink: