Halo 4 Tips: Improving Your Play

Halo 4 Tips: Improving Your Play
Posted 11/01/2012
1. Jumping:
This is very important when you’re entering fights or disengaging from them. Use rocks, crates, and other scenery to reach higher ground. This can help in all types of objective games to cut off routes, complete shortcuts, or run in a flag faster so you can score.
2. Capturing the Flag:
If you’re holding power weapons and you’re by the enemy flag, then it is better to provide supporting fire, guard the flag, and let a teammate without such a great weapon run with the flag. You can’t drop the flag once you walk over it, so having rockets or a sniper rifle is useless. Instead, it’s simply smarter to slay and chaperone a teammate once they take the flag.
3. Oddball: If you’re in trouble during Oddball matches, and you know you’re about to be taken down while holding the ball, look out for any teammates near your position and throw them the ball. It is much better to keep it out of the other team’s hands.
4. King of the Hill:
It is wise to sometimes simply skip a hill if it will be changing soon and set up for the next one, or you may risk rushing aimlessly to a hill that’s too well defended and dying over and over again.
Try to control a point that’s close to where the next hill moves to, and set up there. Now when the hill moves, you’re in the location already and your opposition is likely to be farther away at the previous hill’s position and also in a weakened state. This allows you to accrue time easily and relatively safely.
When playing properly on a team, there should be only one player in the hill so the remaining teammates can cover the other angles to help keep the hill dweller alive. The only time two teammates should be on a hill is toward the end of a game when you need to keep the hill at all costs for the points. So, if one teammate dies in the hill, there’s a second to keep the time continuous.
5. Rushing: Never try to randomly run flags or rush an objective by charging in without help from your teammates.
6. Ordnance Discretion:
When calling in Ordnance Drops it’s important to remember a few things. First, don’t always call in a drop as soon as you get one. Instead, wait for your current provisions to run dry, especially if they’re doing the trick (which they likely are, as you just got an option for a drop!) Second, call in drops inside enclosed areas. If you do it in the open, the drop will be deployed from above the map and will be loud and noticeable. Instead, head to an interior or a location with an overhang and the ordnance will discretely materialize instead of dropping. And finally, don’t always select a power weapon which is often a player’s first reaction. If you’ve got a sweet weapon, selecting a power-up can sometimes make it even sweeter. There’s nothing quite like using a SAW to cut down a handful of enemies only to be rewarded by an Overshield, allowing you to cut down the same enemies all over again almost immediately after.

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