halo 4 thruster pack mid range combat?

hello as you all know thruster pack can be used to evade death by thrusting around corners ect and can be used in shorn ranged combat to throw of the opponent for that extra bit of dmg to win but does anyone think this can be used in mid ranged combat when its dmr/br vs dmr/br?

No, unless you are boosting into cover

The thruster needs a buff

well it is usefull in close range but now sure about mid

How to Thruster Pack > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99p3tqJPM_s

I’ve found it to be useful when a ghost charges you but if it turns around, you’re done. It takes too long to recharge. It’s good at long range for diving into CLOSE cover under fire but when it come to mid - close range i’ve found it to be lacking any real use aside from dodging grenades. In close range battles it’s suicide, it takes quite a bit of time to use and that time is really needed in cqc.

If the boost range was better, had two uses per charge like evade, allowed you to fire while using it or if the charge time was reduced i’d find it to be better but not OP.

And one last point, why am I forced into a third person view that lasts only a few seconds? Evade never left first person and it worked fine.

absolutely uselss.

you are actually worse off than before if you thrust while in a dmr duel if ur not boosting into cover