Halo 4 Thoughts and Suggestions.

First off I would like to say that despite Halo going in the Call of Duty Direction with, Instant Respawn, Loadouts, Killcam, perks and specializations, I honestly think Halo 4 is a pretty good game.

The campaign is amazing, which I knew that it would be with Bungie Employees working with 343 to give us gamers an awesome haloverse experience, I have no complaints there.

But I’m here to talk about the multiplayer aspect of Halo 4. I’m honestly very disappointed in 343 shunning the MLG/Competitive base. There are so many things that should have been added that were brought up by many people pre release of this game, and from what I can tell 343 completely pushed everything aside and did away with the competitive atmosphere to cater to the casual base.

I believe that this was a huge mistake. No ranking system means Amazing players will match with not so amazing players on a consistent basis. I personally have played a lot of games I should have won but didn’t because my teammates couldn’t hold their own weight in a game. Now you can say that I should party up with friends, but that’s the problem. None of my good friends I played(and still play) Halo 3 matchmaking with will even bother playing with me because this game strayed too far from what makes Halo, well Halo.

First issue I find with the multiplayer is no skill gap. Not having a system in place that separates the skilled and the not skilled ruins the experience for us skilled players. my kd ratio is under 1.5 because I get teammates consistently who don’t know how to play well and get me spawn trapped because the teams are unbalanced skill wise and those players don’t know how to position themselves. Back to Halo 3, I’m a 50 in every 4v4 playlist, (Team Slayer, Team Snipers, and MLG). In those playlists when I search I don’t ever run into level 20s or inexperienced players because that skill gap exists and I consistently play with players at my skill level. It’s not fair for myself or anyone else to not match up with people their skill level and get dragged down or destroyed game after game. There needs to be a skill based system for Halo 4 five and six or these games won’t last beyond campaign.

Second issue is the maps. I find all the maps to be huge for 4v4 playlists. I remember before release that people were wanting, The Pit, Narrows and Sanctuary back in halo 4 because of the balance and symmetry of these maps. What did we get instead of these legendary maps? Ragnarok a remake of Valhalla, thanks to the casual side of Halo who don’t give a damn about competition or longevity of games that only play for 30mins a day. The 3 maps I mentioned above need to make an appearance in Matchmaking as the current map selection has such little diversity, it’s not fun to play after awhile.

Third and finally, what happened to weapons and powerups on the maps? Halo is halo because map and weapon control was such an important aspect of Halo and now it’s done and gone and shamefully replaced by Ordinance and loadouts. I understand that Halo needs a change but why couldn’t it wait til after a couple things were introduced by slowly adding new things to the franchise rather than turning a blind eye to the dedicated fans and competitive fan base and changing everything we knew about multiplayer from the very beginning.

Overall I enjoy this game but certain things need to change to keep it alive and kicking or it’ll die and 343 will start losing a lot of money and support. I’m also disappointed that 343 turned away from everything that we wanted and made it for themselves rather than the fanbase.