Halo 4 thoughts and opinions:

First of all, a friendly hellow to all of you. I have been lurking here for some time now, reading up on new halo news as it appears. This thread contains massive spoilers, and so if you don’t want those, I would suggest leaving the forum, as they will be here.

I have tried to be as logical as dispassionate about this review as I can possibly be. I understand the game is still young, and there is alot of work for 343i to do in order to get the game up to speed. If you are a Halo fanboy who is incapable of accepting that there are some massive problems with Halo 4, move on. I have some serious issues with this game, and your ad hominem fanboy attacks are not going to change my mind. I have been playing Halo since it first appeared for Xbox a decade ago, and have wasted many hours playing through the various games on multiple occasions.

I am not alone in these thought, but the game is young, and 343 is willing to help.

That said, I was left with a sour taste in my mouth after finishing the campaign, and after playing the multiplayer. I will try to highlight the issues I have as logically as I possibly can below.

The campaign:

I felt at times the campaign was repetitive, with lots of killing of Prometheans in Forerunner buildings, that, by the end of the game, somehow blended together. Where were the vast, breath-taking views of the Halo games of old? The 2nd level was more of what I expected, but the rest of the game following that feels oddly claustrophobic, not something anyone associates with a Halo game. .The overall concept was good, but I think that from the point of view of a story-teller, there was much to be desired.

I think that some in-game character building of the Didact and the Librarian are needed. (Yes, I know about the novels, but not everyone does) The Didact is introduced, and from there to the time of his death, very little is revealed. Concerning the Librarian, once again, there is very little said about her. Perhaps some story elements or in-game fore-shadowing could have been more effective.

Additionally, the campaign left with me a lot of unanswered questions, as well as feelings of awkwardness. First of all, how did the MC survive a nuke blast to the face? Where were Cortana and MC after the detonation? Did she simply bend the light bridge around him to protect him, including the space between the nuke and his fingers? (wtf?)

The campaign also has lots of pointless, meaningless drama. The obvious animosity between Captain Del Rio and the Chief was kind of stupid IMO. First things first, it is obvious that the drama is one sided, with Capt. Del Rio being the initiator of the animosity. There were no reasons given, only more tired, cliche, and hashed over Sci-Fi artificial drama between the hero and a superior figure. What was the implication? Was 343 trying to allude to the fact that MC is aging, and has somehow lost a step, or his judgement has been questionable? Perhaps if they had offered a reason for the animosity between Capt. Del Rio and the chief it would have been plausible. However, the Chief is far too disciplined to allow any animosity the capt. feels towards him get to him, and way too disciplined to reflect those negative feelings back. Not only that, but it is laughable that a superior officer in the UNSC would question the judgment of someone who has saved humanity 4 times.

In short, the whole exchange between then MC and Del Rio is kind of pointless, and neither of them really are developed by it. Character development is nearly non-existent during the exchange, and all it does it to continue the same tired cliche of animosity between a hero figure and his/her superior figures. This is the kind of thing you would find in a cop movie, where the hero is told to turn in their badge and gun. However, it does not work at all in Halo 4.

to me the whole thing felt like it was done by a woman who never played a halo game before.

i was expecting levels like assault on the control room with the music to match,
i found none of this in halo 4

Next: the multiplayer is terrible.

First off, I will simply state that this is a huge disappointment for me, and I will try to explain why in the most logical way I can.

  • Too much CoD influence, and the Halo feel is gone.

1.Kill streaks are rewarded with ordnance drops, which, while not exact parallels of CoD create the same kinds of situations found in CoD. A large amount of the time, those drops are insta-kill weapons, prompting mass camping on both teams, particularly in large maps. While not the same as choppers and airstrikes, the incineration cannon and rocket launchers do get annoying.

  1. The sniper rifle jumps around everywhere when you fire or take a hit, instead of scoping out like other Halo games. Sniping has now become a double body shot game, instead of rewarding the dome-seekers. Also, the sniper rifle is HUGE, and takes up a significant portion of the screen. 343 needs to stop trying to balance something that was easy to counter with the BR and DMR. There are PLENTY of long-ranged weapons that make snipers quake in their boots. Instead, they might try balancing some other aspects of the game, like the banshee.

  2. They now have “loadouts”, which is now the Halo parallel of “classes” in CoD. Many new Halo 4 owners are saying this is a good thing, but do so without considering the drawbacks. Firstly, the old Halo games we knew and loved so much had static power weapon spawns. Taking those power weapons was a team effort, and almost like an objective in itself. If you had a power weapon and died (sword, shotgun, sniper rifle), you made sure your team knew where you died so that weapon could be recovered. This kind of gameplay is now disrupted by random weapon spawns, as well as the ordnance drops I covered in point #1. There is no emphasis placed on acquiring mid-range weapons, since you spawn with them, which in turn, destroys the need for other weapons, such as the AR. Any good player can own up close with a BR, so the AR and suppressor are essentially wasted.

  3. Too easy. Everything has been dumbed down and nerfed for those noobz who are new to Halo and FPS’s in general. The aim-assist is annoying as crap, and there is no way to deactivate it. Not only does it assist too much, when you are zooming in on someone and another enemy runs in front of them, it moves the reticle, causing a miss. With weapons like the BR AND the DMR, AND the Lightrifle, AND the Carbine, AND the sniper rifle (need I go on?) at the same time, there is no need for this kind of help. 343 should ditch it, there are plenty of hi-damage, scoped weapons in this game, and so an aim-assist is not needed.

  4. Level design is horrible. The thing that Halo has lost is the up-close-and-in-your-face kind of gameplay that was so awesome in previous Halo games. Halo CE was so cool because it was one of the first games that allowed you to not only shoot, but also throw grenades and use a melee attack without changing weapons. Halo CE also had maps that were rather dull in their presentation, but in action were fun because there was a nice balance of up close fighting with long range combat mixed in. In Halo 4 however, melee attacks are now almost never used, grenades are weaker, and the maps are larger, in addition to being asymmetrical. This kills any opportunity for close quarters gameplay.

  5. Kill cam. Retro-active screen hacking. This needs to go. Not only does the killcam show a jerky image of your killer spraying the wall behind you and even the sky at times with a Battle Rifle but somehow managing to kill you, it also gives a huge tactical advantage to the dead player. This would be fine it Halo 4 had a respawn timer, but…

  6. it doesn’t. There is no respawn timer. You get to spawn instantly. I cannot tell you how many times I have been killed by people respawning, finding me, and then killing me using the killcam. Once again, this would not be an issue except…

  7. the respawn scheme sucks. When you die, you spawn near a team-mate, and this make it nigh impossible to get the drop on someone. You can forget assassinations, or getting the drop on someone with a shotgun or a sword. You will get double or even triple teamed by the poor noobs mashing the respawn button just to ruin your aspirations of getting a kill. Once again, this instant respawning next to your allies makes getting up close and personal impossible because that one enemy you just saw turned into three.

  8. The ranking system is terrible. It used to be in Halo games that ranking were at least most of the time, indicators of player skill. No, this time 343 has decided that the ranking system is now a volume business, with new weapons and armor abilities going to those who have played enough to unlock them.

  9. Spartans no longer look like Spartans. You know, like the Master Chief does. Seriously, do we really need to have horns on the helmets of humanity’s most advanced soldiers? Spider faces? IMO the new Spartans look like power rangers, with all of the gay still there. I don’t think a futuristic military would like their soldiers going into combat in blue and yellow suits. Whatever happened to olive drab and “Master Chief green”?

> to me the whole thing felt like it was done by a woman who never played a halo game before.
> i was expecting levels like assault on the control room with the music to match,
> i found none of this in halo 4

Imagine that.

I think involving people who had worked on COD games was a terrible mistake, and it should not have happened.

Haters gonna hate.

> Haters gonna hate.

What a pointless and unoriginal comment. One of the first things I said is that the game is young and needs improvement, and that luckily for us, 343 is listening to players.

None of what I said was said to insult, and I made suggestions as well as pointing out flaws. If you didn’t see that, you didn’t read it. In other words, you are not prepared to discuss the topic.

Go troll another thread.