Halo 4.. things I think should be included!!

Battle Rifle… I already see we are gonna have this… The Jet pack… I truly think that b/c of the way people who play with Bumper Jumper have to use it, they complain. Just because people complain, doesn’t mean it wasn’t great. I use it as a jump enhancer half the time… I also think that we should get Speed as a control… maybe how Call of Duty uses it with the joystick… Just imagine running after someone full speed and jumping and then taking off!! So many awesome battles that I’ve had flying up and chasing someone else trying to fly away. As for Armor Lock and Invisibility I think they should be removed. Bring an active camo back… We also had acouple other load outs… I liked the decoy…

Bring the Brute shot back. The Beam rifle. Team snipers was great when you had both rifles. Not some strobe light long range sentinel beam.

Flame Grenades!!!

DUAL WIELDING… SMG, Plasma Rifle, Spikers, and maybe an invention or 2?? Are you serious? Biggest fail to not include to Reach. I think cavemen could figure out you could carry two things. I don’t get why we want a little hand gun thats powerful… Make a hand gun that’s fair then add a Noisy Cricket… Like a handgun with a rocket blast or shockwave. Men In black… Reference. I just don’t see why you want a pistol that zooms in… Oh b/c in Halo 1 you didn’t have a battle rifle… So it was sweet then, but now… Just doesn’t need to be the focus.

Ranked… 1-50, then after 50 you will start advancing to higher symbols eventually being a maxed out version that could be lost or something… but having to win to get there. So kind of where Halo 2 was… I’m sorry, but I don’t care nor would like to be referred to as Onyx… Silver, Gold, Bronze… Didn’t like that ranking system, and lost interest fast.

As for the way everything is… STAY AWAY FROM MLG!!! Let MLG bring their own separate version that’s dumbed down but sped up. I always told people who wanted me to play custom games with MLG settings, I play Halo!!! I feel that MLG has been a bad influence… Variety. No bland. BR Rockets Sniper. less bullets to kill. faster people… Think about it, Narrows was ruined b/c of it. The battle for the rockets up top was priceless. Also think about it, MLG is in Community, but noone play it… Well that’s b/c the people taking credit for the masses are like 100 people. That used to get 4 shoted with regular settings!

Ok, well I hope some of the developers read this… There is so much more I’m sure but we have no idea what direction we will go in.

Dual wielding was already confirmed to not be in the game, unfortunately, and I’m pretty sure it’s also been mentioned that they were doing something different for the ranking system, though I’m not 100% sure on that one.

And I agree that MLG is a bad influence on the development of a game, as it was on Halo 3. To them, the only weapons that really matter are the BR and the Sniper, while every weapon in Halo should be useful in its own place.

IDK if anyone in here has played Section 8: Prejudice, but it has a thruster that gives you good push, but not like a jetpack. (That’s what I’m referencing these “thruster” to.)

I hope there is 1-50