halo 4 theather mode

I think they should make it that you can watch films with friends.
also make it easyer to make a montage. i think they should fix the render minutes. like bungie used render mintues to make films and clips viewable on there website or just to save it to your computer. i know they try to make money but, they already got bungie pro. why would people want to waste there money on render minutes. if they try to take advantage of people it will just incourge people to use capture cards. im just saying 343 not to take that same path as bungie but if you decide to add more render minutes a person can get a month.
one more think just shold add camrea angles for there maps. like in a custom map 343 make for mutiplayer they should leae certin spots where the camra stays just for some extra fun. or in forge mode while making your map you can add the same thing to your maps. and to play it off and add to design you can make it look like a sercrity camra or something.
just my thoughts

Theater Requests:

  1. Make it Mutiplayer so you can’t watch with your buddys.

  2. The ability to highlight things or focus all the players watching the video on somthing if its not a film clip. I want to show my team their mistakes so we can improve but can’t.

i would and a editor were you can add misc and cut past make it so you can till if say you doing a sniper vid have it so people could easily tell you no scoped someone all the way across the map instead of just show it from a third person