Halo 4 Theater....No Audio for Multikills?

Does anybody know why there is no audio for multikills when you save your clips? I enjoy putting together clips and montages and without the multikill audio its kind of a bummer. The clips have all of the other audio just not the multikills(and “ordinance drop ready”, “Request confirmed”). Its not like this on all of my clips but it is for most of them. I think I noticed that the earlier clips Ive saved are ok but the ones from the last few weeks have been messed up. Anybody having the same problem?

Another absolutely baffling omission from 343. Thats what it is. I believe we call this the game “evolving”…you know, removing things for a absolutely no reason.

Is it that way on the first play through of the clip or only after you’ve already watched the clip?

I haven’t messed around with the theatre on H4 yet, but in past Halo games it only played the audio once per view for multikills, if you had to rewind and watch it again the multikill audio was gone. To get the audio back you had to exit theatre and restart the clip. So basically it only does the multikill audio once per viewing of the clip, at least is past titles.

It just never plays the audio for the multikills. I remember what your talking about in H3 but that doesnt seem to be the case here. When I am recording the clips the multikill audio it there but when I go to watch the clip it is not.