Halo 4 Theater Mode

Came to mind that bungie kinda screwed reach in theater mode to where only one person can view videos at a time. Does anyone else want to watch videos with friends in your party in halo 4?

i hated this in reach…i must have spent hours in theater with my friends in halo 3 and i am really hoping 343 puts this feature back in all future games

I really hope they fix this, since I usually play with my girlfriend I can no longer use theatre :confused:
I though games were supposed to improve and add new stuff over time, not limit old features or scrapping them :frowning:

I realy hope Theater in Halo 4, Gets updated so you can record to 30 seconds long (like call of duty)
Sometimes I have a crazy gameplay for like 20 seconds, and then… :frowning:

also can they add a skip forward button because bungie put one there that does s*** all

Definitely! I actually played Reach multiplayer before H3’s (yeah, I’m late to the party), and when I learned that you could have multiple people in H3’s Theater mode, I wondered what the hell happened! I spend a lot of time in Theater talking to my friends as we record the stuff we do!

Oh, and a fast-forward button.

Ive said it before , and i’ll say it again.
what i would like is to be able to switch to first person view when watching other players in theater mode.
I really like to watch how good players aim and what theyre looking at during a game, and first person view is the only way to get a clear indication of exactly what those good players are doing.
3rd person is good for watching how they move, but watching good players in 1st person would help the rest of us improve drastically.