Halo 4: The Xbox Live Ops

Any Spartan looking to play Halo 4 on Nov. 6, you’ll wanna hear this. I am hosting the Xbox Live Ops, multiple people doing all different gametypes, we will shift off while one plays campaign the other does multi player, after 2 or 3 missions the Campaign will switch to multiplayer and multiplayer int Spartan Ops, while Custom Games People go to Campaign.

Campaign Task Force 117- We will play 2 to 3 missions, then go to multiplayer.

Multiplayer Trainees- They will play 3 Games of any game type chosen by the Party Leader, then go to Spartan Ops.

Spartan Operators- Will play one Chapter of Spartan Ops, then go to Forge.

Forerunner Nomads- Oracles continuing to build, they will do one large map then play in Custom Games.

War Contestants- They will play a map and game type twice then go to Campaign.

It pretty much just circles from there until the day ends. So, do you want to join?