Halo 4 text size

My screen is about three times as large as a computer monitor.

Why is text so small?

Anything I can do?

Especially in forge… Can’t read most of it.

I don’t think there is a setting for that, what resolution are you viewing at? It sounds like your screen isn’t able to provide enough clarity, I have a Panasonic UT50 and can clearly see the text in forge from 8-10 feet.

Nope. Reach’s letters are fine. Halo 4 has text that are downright tiny. If I need a high definition screen just to read Halo 4… That’s just sad.

I never noticed it small in Halo 4. I’ve played some games where the text is really small even with a big screen (Thinking of Dead Rising as an example). What size is your screen?