Halo 4 Terminals Discussion

Hello community!

I just watched all the terminals all the way through for the first time in a while, and I figured it deserved it’s own discussion.
What comments, questions, and answers do you all have?

Personally, I love the terminal videos, they really shed light into the human forerunner war, along with explaining the Didact and Librarian’s intentions. However, I have two questions.

Why were the forerunners not indexed?
The librarian was alive when Requiem shut with the Didact inside. Did she die on requiem before we found it? Did she leave? Or did she die when requiem flew into the sun?

Yeah why were the Forerunners not indexed?

The Librarian died when the Halo rings fired. She was the one who activated them so she could not get to a safe area or cyrogenic pod or whatever so she could live. She also had to make sure it went of before dying.

The Terminals really put the Forerunner Saga timeline in a mess and skip out on HUGE details.