Halo 4 Terminal Guide Missions 1-4

—Terminal Guide—

Hi guys I just wanted to tell you about the Terminal Locations and Achievements to get on finding them.

—Mission 1—
As you get out of the Airlock(START OF MISSION) go forward and take the stairs to the left and go forward to the INFO on Master Chief you will get the Achievement
“Digging Up The Past”.

—Mission 2—
This is the first ACCUTAL Terminal .At Rally Point Bravo go under a Ramp going up to the Objective to find this Terminal it is very easy to find.

—Mission 3—
On the Mission Forrunner Spawn at Rally Point Bravo as you continue on you will see a VERY bright blue light and the Terminal is under this light.

—Mission 4—
For me this is the EASIEST Terminal, anyway as you spawn at Rally Point Bravo just simply turn around to find the Terminal Checkpoint Bravo is after you defend from the 2-4 Waves of the Forerunner to get in the base.

This is the Missions 1-4 Terminal Guide PM me if you have any questions or just reply, well hope this helped bye.