Halo 4 Temporary Ban

Okay so basically I got a popup when I open halo 4 that says “this account has been temporarily banned from earning xp. Http:/halo4.com/ban” I would like to know how to avoid this and how long this will last. I didn’t mean to boost xp, I was boosting dlc achievements for this game since the servers are going down soon, and I got banned so I guess the game thought I was trying to rank up quickly. So is there any advice on how to avoid this? My guest afk-ed a lot, so idk if that’s what caused it. Just wanna know how to avoid this next time I boost achievements

I found this

Does one know if there is a way to identify when a ban expires?

all that message means is that the automatic system found something fishy about a match you played. you can still get multiplayer achievements and play online. the only thing it effects is your ability to gain xp, but it should only last a few days. (mine was like 3 days)
a good way to avoid it is to make sure everyone in the game gets a few kills and to try to avoid playing with guest accounts.
again the ban doesn’t stop you from getting any achievements except the rank 20 one but the ban goes away after a couple days