Halo 4 Team Snipers Suggestions

Hey everyone. All of this is in my own opinion. If you don’t agree with part of it, feel free to comment telling us why. The reason I’m making this thread is because I’ve been a fan of Team Snipers since it was a custom game in Halo CE, and have been playing it ever since. I played a few games in Halo 4, but then went back to playing Swat and BTB.

The main reason I play Snipers is because it feels more like a game of skill. This is because you not only have to be good at aiming, but you also have to have a feel for your surroundings or you’re going to get owned. Anyways, on to the suggestions.

  1. Add in Hologram to the basic load-outs. The first thing I noticed was the complete lack of armor abilities, which is a minor complaint but the game would be more tactical with certain armor abilities. Not ALL of them of course, but certain ones like Hologram make the game more fun.
  2. Take out “flinching”. I’m aware that flinching is in nearly every gametype, but it’s particularly noticeable in Team Snipers. One second you’ve got your reticle on someone’s head, next second someone pops you in the foot and you are staring at the ceiling. In a word, annoying.
  3. Bullet Spread. I don’t know if it’s just me who’s noticed this, but there seems to be a small amount of Bullet Spread in the Human Sniper Rifle. I’m pretty sure there was bullet spread in Reach too, but it was only noticeable from across massive maps. This BS (aptly abbreviated) is noticeable in mid-long (i.e. DMR range). That’s not cool. The Sniper has already been nerfed from H3 to HR, there’s no need to nerf it further.

Team Snipers has never been the most popular of playlists, but this time around it seemed as if it wasn’t set up for success. I know this may be a moot post now because of it’s removal, but if it gets put back in at some point (it’s going to take a long time for H5 to come out, there aren’t nearly enough playlists that they can cycle in and out without having to repeat one or two eventually) then it would be massively appreciated if these changes were made.

I want Team Snipers there all the time it’s so good, except for when me and my teammate got 25 kills each and still lost -_-

Yea it’s pretty amazing to me that they would even think of removing snipers. I’ve officially lost all hope in 343.

Yeah, what’s up with that? Team Snipers is the only thing my buddies and I have been playing, then today, it’s gone!
343, removing the Snipers playlist… Have you lost it?! Seriously. You have no idea how I excited I was when my buddy told me snipers was finally going to be added, and now, I start up the game and instead of enjoying a good game of snipers, I’m sitting here on my computer trying to figure out what’s going on with the world!

No holograms. Armor abilities is what ruined Snipers in Reach

IMO it would be 10x better without radar. And smaller maps.

wow i was waiting for team sniper and then they take it out… i’d been having a lot of fun with it

Remove the radar.

Remove the radar.

Seriously, REMOVE THE RADAR!!!

Radar, instant respawn and kill-cams need to all go find a nice big fire to go die in.

They have no place in Snipers. End of. That’s what turned it into a bad Slayer clone this time around.

It’s almost like you want the game to be more casual.

None of your suggestions, add out-of-scope flinching, and put Haven and Adrift in the list.

> It’s almost like you want the game to be more casual.
> None of your suggestions, add out-of-scope flinching, and put Haven and Adrift in the list.

How do you figure? Also, flinching is just another thing that adds luck into the mix. Luck =/= skill and therefor is not competitive. Just sayin.

Team Snipers loadouts should be:

Hardlight Shield
Autocentury (maybe, idk)