Halo 4 system link communications issue

Greetings Halo 4 moderator(s). I am having an issue with my two Xbox’s communicating with each other over Systemlink. I went through MS’s help chat and they sent me to this forum. Here is the reference number of the chat session = 1247932478. In a nutshell, when playing Halo 4 over system link, One system can TX/RX voice via headsets while the other system only can TX voice. It cannot hear the other. This only happens on Halo 4. No other game exhibits this behavior, (example Halo 3, or REACH work fine). I have spent several months going over all the simple stuff. I have 3 controllers and headsets to choose from and all work fine. Both systems are equally updated, re-installed, cache cleared, hard reseted. Any additional suggestions?


Hi Rodent O Anger,

Are you still experiencing this issue?

We hope the reason we haven’t heard back from you is because your issue has been resolved. If your issues has not been resolved, please start a new thread. Thank you so much!