Halo 4 Swat.

As you know the Halo community has been is a bit, uhm… Not dead, but it’s on crutches.

Halo players really need to respect each other, people are so quick to “hate” on certain topics, like SWAT.

A good friend of mine, Fear Clinic, is the founder of a small, yet growing, site called www.swatbattles.net … Although a lot of people think SWAT takes little or no skill what so ever, it’s still a large portion of what’s left of the Halo community, and with any playlist, there are a surprisingly large amount of competitive SWAT players,

I don’t know your personal opinions of swat, but does it really matter? Us swat kids are part of this dying community too and we want to help Halo get back on it’s feet again, we want to see the competitive scene back to how it used to be,

Thanks for your time!

cruches? i mist kick them out from underneath it

I’m not sure what there is to discuss here.

This seems more like an advertisement than anything.

Edit: I responded while the thread was still in the main Halo 4 forums. I guess I’ll be leaving then.

Yes, Its not something to discuss, really my buddy wanted me to post his website on here, and I think anything to make the Halo community come together is worth my time.