Halo 4 Suppressor, DMR, Banshee and Beam Rifl


Holy -Yoink-! Thank you!

None for AAs? Good call 343.

Spawns look bad.

> Spawns look bad.

Everything looks bad.

I saw wheelmen pop up. Please tell me they are not adding commendations.

> > Spawns look bad.
> Everything looks bad.

That’s a lie and a half. Graphics look great, vehicles look fun, specializations and load outs look innovative and game evolving, DMR and BR look really fun, the specializations themselves look amazing, the list goes on. The spawns just need a little attention.

Suppressor: Seems interesting. Hooray for disintegration

Banshee: Evades seem way more balanced, Plasma cannons seem better, Bomb still powerful but no lock on apparent.

Beam Rifle: Seems pretty nice. Love the new look and triple kill FTW

Love the content but oh man it is making me crazy when people are not using new things. I just keep thinking light rifle light rifle, gah no not the Carbine. Used the suppressor for all of 12 seconds. Bravo made me even more crazy using BR, magnum, Pro vision. Just about to get something new and than turns around trololol.

Pretty cool. A few new things were shown and a few were shown more of.

<3 Beam Rifle