Halo 4 support needed...

Why haven’t I any armor if I completed the campaign on legendary - solo and accessed all the terminals? I also can’t redeem the glyph codes associated with the achievements.

Unfortunately, when you completed the campaign, it looks like you did so offline which didn’t trigger the unlocking of the campaign commendations. The game is set so you have to complete the game on Legendary (solo or even co-op works) while connected to the internet to unlock the armor.

I’m sorry. :frowning:

Get a party of 4 together from your region/country and make sure you do all the missions online then you will be set. Don’t worry, with some hard work it should only take a night.

Just connect to Xbox Live, invite a friend and play the campaign on Legendary. It´s easy with 2 players 3/4 hours and you´r done.