Halo 4 Support FAQ

The following FAQ should answer some of your questions about Halo 4. We will update this FAQ as necessary.

How does the install process for Disk 2 work?

Disc 2 contains largely multiplayer content. You can put it in at any time, even before Disc 1, and install the content. You will get a slideshow, some music and a progress bar. After a few minutes, you can remove that disc and never deal with it again. Everything multiplayer, including Spartan Ops, Forge, and Campaign can then be launched from Disc 1.

What is the daily XP cap?

The daily XP cap is intended to preserve the integrity of the progression system. In other words, it’s in place to provide an early gate from players running amok in their progression.

I completed Commendations after hitting the daily credit cap. Will I get the XP for this?

No; once you’ve hit the daily credit cap all XP, no matter the source, is capped.

When is coming to Matchmaking?

Halo 4 Matchmaking updates will occur on a more frequent basis than what you’re accustomed to with Halo: Reach. Instead of monthly updates, we will be providing biweekly updates, with the goal being to provide fresh content on a regular basis. We will maintain a static set of playlists and feature one or two “rotational” playlists on top of that. We will monitor trends and statistics closely so we can react accordingly to your preferences and likes.

I can’t resume my latest Campaign save game.

If multiple Campaign save games are saved on the same storage device, move the undesired save games to another storage device, or delete the undesired save games.

I just signed in a second profile, and the Spartan Ops and Matchmaking menu items are no longer available.

When another profile signs in while in Matchmaking, the Network setting sometimes changes to Xbox 360. Change the Network setting to Xbox LIVE to access Spartan Ops and Matchmaking.

When I disconnect a storage device with Disc 2 content and end a custom game, I am unable to reload the map after reconnecting the device.

Select another map. The previous map should then load correctly.

I signed in with a profile on a different controller port than the one I previously used, and my custom Loadouts are no longer available.

Do not sign in using a different controller port in that session. Just reassign Loadouts – all items should still be properly unlocked and available.

I signed in on a different Xbox 360 after recovering my profile over Xbox LIVE, and my custom Loadouts are no longer available.

Use a storage device to move your profile to a different Xbox 360. Reassign all Loadouts – all items should still be properly unlocked and available.

I boarded the rear of a Scorpion and can’t plant a grenade.

When boarding the rear of a Scorpion, you can melee, but you can’t plant grenades. To plant a grenade on a Scorpion, try boarding at the front.

We’re playing in split-screen mode and can’t see any visual effects.

When you’re playing in split-screen mode, some of the visual effects are turned off to improve performance. To see the full range of visual effects in all their glory, play in full-screen mode.

I can’t see any file recommendations.

You may have too many Xbox LIVE friends. Try reducing your friends list to 98 players or less.

I beat the Campaign on Legendary but didn’t unlock the Mark VI armor or commendations.

Complete any Campaign missions for which you are missing the Legendary commendation online. Once you have all the Legendary Campaign commendations, you will receive the avatar award.

I unlocked the “Knight in White” achievement but was not awarded the appropriate avatar item.

Assassinate another Knight. This should cause the game to issue the avatar award if it hasn’t already.

I changed my armor but my Spartan on Halo Waypoint hasn’t updated. Why?

4GB consoles: Halo 4 uses the hard drive to cache and store the altered image and save that image to our services used by Waypoint to display the update. Unfortunately without a hard drive, this update process does not occur.

If you do not have a 4GB console and are still experiencing this issue, make sure you are changing your Spartan armor in the main lobby and not during the search phase.

Whenever I try to upload to my File Share, I receive the message, "The name of the creator is banned."

The Xbox Terms of Service are regularly updated with new phrases or word combinations which aren’t allowed on Xbox Live. Those who had these phrases or combinations in their Gamertags prior to the change are able to keep their Gamertags but will not be able to use Halo 4’s File Share uploading. Changing your Gamertag to something that complies with the Terms of Service will allow you to use the full features of the Halo 4 File Share system.

The video quality seems to fluctuate when watching Spartan Ops episode videos.

The quality of video playback depends on the speed of your internet connection and the amount of traffic on your local network. To enjoy Spartan Ops episode videos at the highest quality, it helps to have a fast internet connection.

After the “Disconnected from Xbox LIVE” message is displayed, I sometimes have problems rejoining games and players.
Restarting Halo 4 will correct any connection difficulties that may result from being disconnected from Xbox Live and then reconnecting.

When I attempt to join an in-progress PvP Matchmaking game over Xbox LIVE with a player in a full session, I am queued up to join that player when the game ends, but this doesn’t always seem to happen. What can I do?

If you’re waiting in a queue for what seems like a long time, it’s a good idea to let the targeted player know that you are trying to join him/her, so that he/she can back out before the next game begins.

When trying to view the Halo 4 stats page, I receive an error that my browser is incompatible.

We’ve optimized the Halo 4 Stats web-app to work across a variety of browsers. If your browser isn’t compatible, you can still view some stats by hovering over the “Career” tab on the Navigation Bar and then selecting “Halo 4 Overview”.

Sometimes I get a message saying, “Halo 4 Servers unavailable” and see a different set of playlists. My SR also gets set back to 0. Why does this happen?

What you are seeing are “fallback hoppers”. When you enter this mode, you will see a UI notification. It shows up on the “Find Game” screen for War Games. In previous Halo titles, you’re dependent on the servers to get the information you needed for Matchmaking, and if they go down, you can’t play. Fallback hoppers are a new functionality for Halo 4, and they allow people to continue playing Halo 4 when there are server issues. You will automatically be switched to fallback hoppers if you fail to download a necessary file. You’ll remain in fallback hoppers for up to 10 minutes after the services return. When in this mode, it’s a good idea to relaunch the game on a regular basis, so you can reenter the regular hoppers as soon as they’re available.

I am unable to install Disc 2 content.

If you’re experiencing issues installing Disk 2 content, choose “Spartan Ops” or “War Games” in the menu. You will see a message saying you need to install the content. Please choose the “Download from Xbox LIVE” option.

If you have done a partial install with Disc 2 (aka your last install was either corrupt or interrupted), delete the old package before attempting the reinstall process. You can delete the old package by following the below steps:

  • Go to the Xbox Dashboard - Go to the “Settings” tab - Select “System” - Select “Storage” - Select “All Devices” - Select “Games and Apps” - Select “Halo 4” from the list of games - Select “Spartan Ops Season 1.0” - Select “Delete” - Select “Yes” to confirm - After it deletes that package, select “War Games” from the list - Select “Delete” - Select “Yes” to confirm