Halo 4 Suicide Spartans (Suicide gruntish)

Lol, when i first used C4 in COD I always wanted to stick it on a player and make him run into battle, exploding beside large numbers of campers

I love halo more and Sticky detonator will be freaking awesome! I’ll detonate it when you’re dead of course… BOOBY TRAP THE BODIES!!! HAHAHAHAHAA

Anyone else have any devious plans to use in this? Lol if this REALLY happens, I’d never trust a dead body again, (ok is it booby trapped or no… ok go around? over? omg…) (steps over it and live) (“thank god!”) (Explodes)

Bump, if this is going to be in gameplay I want to know how it’ll be used by waypoint members, last time i played a game online with something like this C4 was hidden under a dead body and a trashcan, I saw the body glowing red, but trashcan killed me going through :stuck_out_tongue: