halo 4 suggestion .

Hi, I’m Anthony, of Mexico, I have seen the trailers, previews and other Halo 4, I see that garficos multiplayer and the multiplayer are excellent, with great graphics, but seeing the colors are somewhat spartan different (they look like plasticine), what we dislike to me and my colleagues who also play halo, I would like to do atention of my suggestion, since I do purpose to help improve the game of Halo 4, thanks

They looked like plasticine in the Red Vs. Blue video, but I honestly think they look GREAT in everything else I’ve seen. (:

Nothing is final.

To me, the kind of look like plasticine but they’re quite similar to Halo 3’s style of characters.

Don’t worry about it too much since it’s not final yet.

The original post has me cracking up