Halo 4 story

I love the Idea of a new series letting me know that it has a new story coming. The thing i want to know is what will the story be bent over. Is the coveant back Is the flood not yet defeated or is there a new enemy waiting around the corner for the cheif. I cant wait to see this new story to develope and as Frank said “We will make halo games and Halo games Only” it kind of puts hope in me to see that things wont be very different like same actors and same ideal of original conscept like what they did with combat evolved its amazing how they can make it like it was 10 years ago like today. The one thing I can say that all halo fans will miss is Marty the true master of Halo. Man his music could litteraly change the way you look at halo. Well we might see him in the Halo movie in 2012. Well I cant wait to see Halo 4 evolve.

well i have a possible story i think there might be surviving forerunners the trailer what ever it was it looked forerunner to me. there is a possibility that not all flood is dead. in halo combat evolved the flood was cpntained there until the covenant accidently released the flood. there is 6 other halos we have never been to there might be more flood contained on one of those 6 halos.

Eh, main enemy possibilities;


No matter which it is, even if it’s something I can’t recall, it’ll be brilliant not matter what, and don’t read this as blind faith, it’s just that with a whole new Area to branch the Story off into, I don’t think it’s very likely Halo 4 will dissapoint many people…

  • Sigma 7
  • Onyx
  • Forerunner Home World
  • Portal to another Halo ring

Any one of these…or maybe something else…

No matter who they put on for voices now, Jeff Steitzer HAS to be the Halo 4 multiplayer announcer.