Halo 4 Stats Page Not Loading - Help?

So, since creating a Waypoint profile I have been unable to view my Halo 4 Stats.

I am using Windows 7.

I have received multiple “Error Codes” when I try to view my stats. Here are two of them:



Can anyone offer assistance on how to view my stats?

Also, is there a way to contact Waypoint staff directly, without using Twitter (I don’t use Twitter)?

Thank you.

What version of what web browser are you using? If you are using Internet Explorer, have you tried the app with Compatibility View disabled?

Has the app ever worked for you before, or has it been broken from the very first time you’ve tried to access it?

Luminous, this is the best place to contact staff.

As David so kindly asked above, which browser are you seeing this error on?

I use Google Chrome. I used the newest version of IE at a library and the page uploads everything but my Spartan picture.

It has never worked for me with Chrome.

Thank you for that information, we will continue to investigate.

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but, I have a bit of a problem. When you go into your Halo 4 stats, there is usually an image of your Spartan. I have customized mine a lot so far, but my Waypoint picture is of a red recruit spartan. Is it supposed to be like this?

No, SkyRexx, it is not supposed to be that way, but thank you for giving us that information. We will investigate.

Forum Team,
I’ve reached Specialization 130 with no more available. Before, I was able to see post game carnage report detail on how many Kills, Assists, Deaths, Weapons Used, etc…and then click on Spartans to see who they killed fhe most and who killed them the most. Now, I get a quick glimpse at report showing Points and Kills but it goes away in seconds. I’m not able to see all the detail? Help…

Could you please link a screenshot of the error so that we may understand it better?

Same problem here: Halo 4 Waypoint stats doesn´t work with chrome but with firefox they does.
Any idea how I can get it work with chrome?
multiple error codes.
For example:

Ps. Sometimes I get to see a flash from the page before error code. Hope this helps. This have continued months now.

Getting error code in both firefox and IE.