Halo 4 Stats Orginization

Does anyone else want 343 to rework the stats page? Less sliders, more like how Halo Reach’s stats page navigated, especially on Bungie.net way back when when you could compare side by side with a friend. I think simplicity is better in a Stats page. I do like some of the stats they added but I find <mark>navigation</mark> unnecessarily annoying. It’s not complicated but it’s <mark>tedious</mark>. Plus it <mark>never shows all the medals. You have to hit a button everytime. There’s too much side and down scrolling. Can we just have the layout simpler?</mark>

Anyone Agree?

I personally liked Bungie’s Halo 3 stats page the best. I showed everything on a single page and match history showed 25 matches per page PLUS the option to go all the way back to the beginning.

If I wanted to see my first match in halo 4 it would take forever to keep pressing ‘older’ over and over again.

Yeah, the Halo 4 stats page looks perty, but it’s very cumbersome to look up things… which is precisely what a stats page is for.

Bungies Halo 3 stats page was incredible. You Check every medal you ever earned in social and ranked and compare side by side. It showed you’re top 5 weapons and there kill percentage.

When you checked on recent games it showed 25 games on one page. It showed placing, playlist and the map the game was played on. If you scrolled over the game it showed you the overall score and how many kills/caps you had that game.

I honestly think the H3 stats page has been the best so far. Nice, neat and detailed.

The halo 3 stats on bungie.net was way better. You could even watch clips from peoples file share on your computer. As far as I know you can’t do that on waypoint.

Even the in game stat layout is poor, I have accidentally sent so many invites when I actually just wanted their service record. The invite to party button just appears out of nowhere at the top sometimes.

I’m glad you guys agree! I hope they rework it so that it displays stats better, simpler, and with less button presses.