Halo 4 Stance

I have a quick query about the stances in Halo 4 Multiplayer, well a particular one, that I had a couple of days ago. My stance randomly changed on its own even though it was set to the Recruit stance in the settings.

This may seem really pointless to most people but it was really bugging me and my partner! You can see in the image that my stance is slightly different and I have no idea why, if anyone has an answer to this it would be very helpful!

You can see in the picture that mine is slightly different and it was just really bugging me!

Ahhhhh I’ve seen that before!

I thought I was just exhausted so didn’t mind it

But yeah someone explain this sorcery

I was confused!

I went through all of the different stances and the one showing in my picture was not there! I didn’t know if it was just a bug in the game or if I had weirdly unlocked something new!

Nevertheless, it was back to normal after restarting halo.

It’s just a glitch as far as I know happend to me before I kinda liked it

It seems to happen if your character model is looking around in the Armor menu when you back out of the Spartan menu and save your current config.

But its not very repeatable. Just happens at random.

Only way to undo it is to change your armor. The game will have to resave your new look, and then you can change it back.

It’s because each stance uses a camera angle, and tells what each arm, head, and body di in terms of position. The one you are referring to is the Recruit stance but the game loaded the head position from the Heroic stance and that was the result.

I had the Heroic stance that mixed with Assault once, but i have no idea how it happens.

actually i found like one form to do this glich (i guess is a glich)

normally happend to me in this way

before the stance go to exact position, example before heroic go in complete portrait position press A to select it, but also cancel immediately pressing B during the spartan is moving

thas why u some times u can look like a mix between like Recruit-Heroic, etc

of course i can’t do it all the time, normally takes me some tryouts to get one
‘‘mix stance’’