Halo 4 Speculations

  1. In Halo Cryptum, the first of the Forerunner Book series, a race known as the Precursors was mentioned living hundreds of thousands of years before the Forerunners. They were a lot more advanced than the Forerunners, but the latter rebelled against their masters, and won. So the Precursors plotted their revenge against the Forerunners, and created the flood. Halo Cryptum also mentions that the humans were programmed to work some Forerunner Installations. I’ll try not to spoil the book but it is teeming with information, so I’ll just say this. In the Halo Universe, Humans were technologically advanced more than 150,000 years ago. It’s also mentioned they managed to drive the Flood off the edge of the galaxy, with the aid of the ancestors of the… Prophets WTF. So there is a last Precursor left on some planet, and he is found by humans and later converses with Forerunners. So the Precursor knows of the humans.

In Halo 3, Guilty Spark mentioned that Masterchief is part of a kind of plan, but it is quite vague. Could it be that the Precursors have something to do with it all? Seems rather far fetched to me, but Frank O’Connor was quoted to have said that Halo Cryptum and the other Forerunner Books (The next will be released on January 2012) have connections to Halo 4. Perhaps terminals on the first Halo that Masterchief went on will reveal some juicy information in the release of CEA

  1. There are 7 Halo Rings, and Masterchief destroyed two for sure. I wonder if he destroys them too…

  2. Could the structure Chief is heading to be the Shield World Halsey and the remaining Spartans from Ghosts of Onyx? Perhaps Reach’s multiple spartan campaign will come back into play.

  3. Cortana is near rampancy, could she be a problem in the Campaign? Masterchief seemed to have to reassure her like a little girl - “I’m here.”

  4. This is not a speculation, but kind of a wild idea. Could that portal thing make Chief travel back in time? To the Forerunner Wars? That would be kind of cool for the universe, but if you think about it, it seems to be something cliche because lots of companies have used it already.

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