Halo 4 Specializations update

So I just got off the phone with XBOX Live and i was just informed that 343i has extended it’s release of the codes for up to 48 hours from today… Dec 1. So basically they are making us wait ANOTHER 2 days. This should have been taken care of long before now. I work through the week and would have enjoyed playing this weekend WITH my new specs. I have been maxed out for more than 2 weeks and have completed all Spartan Ops and Campaign on Legendary… so basically i have nothing more to do except work on Commendations… which is freaking boring playing over and over. 343… if you’re listening, I would like to get my codes. Sooner than later please.

I didn’t get one either, I just bummed one off a friend who DID get one. (This friend already having the Limited edition anyway)

At least your still miles ahead of us left codeless in UK

He’s trollin for LoLins

yeh whats with that? no codes for UK im just as much of a halo fan than any american that couldnt afford the limeted edition, and if so im i allways gonna be stuck on level 70? and if so where is the replay value in that ? why should i bother doing any challenges if i get no actual reward out of it? are they going to realease them at any stage at all? i think these questions NEED answering for every halo player outside of the USA, these facts should have been known since launch but heres me pacing myself to get to level 70 on this day including being put on the hopper server 4 times sometimes days at a time, to only find out off xbox surport that we dont get it atleast in reach there was allways something to earn :frowning: does anyone agree with me?

That really sucks. I was really excited to try out my new specs this weekend but after reading this I got upset that I have to wait 2 more days.

Not to be “that guy”, but really, it’s only 2 more days.

ON DEC 10th their will be an update I believe that will give everyone the specs. (This was said by a 343 Rep I believe)

> ON DEC 10th their will be an update I believe that will give everyone the specs. (This was said by a 343 Rep I believe)

Link to post would be nice.

Why has no representative from 343i or Microsoft released any information about this? They need to stop wasting time on a trailer for spartan ops and probably spend more time talking to us