Hi folks been meaning to do this for a while, just to show what XP you need to get from level 0 to level 10 in your chosen Specialization.

0-1. This stage is already completed for you as your new Specialization begins.
1-2. 11730 XP Required
2-3. 12760 XP Required
3-4. 18240 XP Required
4-5. 29320 XP Required
5-6. 39360 XP Required
6-7. 47740 XP Required
7-8. 54960 XP Required
8-9. 60470 XP Required
9-10. 63820 XP Required

A total of 338,400 XP to fully rank up in one specialization.

2,707,200 XP to rank up all 8.

Now if only this thread was the first google result for specialization exp required.

A lot of people don’t even realise there are only 9 levels per specialisation. I think people should be after getting half xp codes instead of double ones or they’ll run out of progression in a couple of months. (If they aren’t capped like Europeans)

Ok I have a question in regards to this flow chart. Me and my freind play on the same console because we live together so why when we are both LVL 75 going on 76 does it say that I need 42060 to LVL up and he needs a total of 39360. the only thing I can see difrent is that he isnt the same special as I am, Im a stalker and hes a Tracker.