Halo 4 Specialization Question

I was shocked when I launched Halo 4 on the 6th seeing that the Limited Edition codes for the 8 specializations didn’t work. They’re all locked. I then read that I have to be SR50 when the limited edition page says “early access to all 8 specializations”. I just read that the people who got the normal copy of the game will get access to them on the 20th, does that mean they’ll have it unlocked and be able to use them? If so, will the people who got the limited edition have them unlocked and equitable on that date?

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Bump cause i got the same problem

If you hadn’t used the code then only the first two would have been shown. So we are able to use them earlier than everyone else since for them it isn’t even an option yet. We just have to reach SR50 first.

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I have used the codes. I just need to reach SR50 then I get them all. If so I need to get more Doritos bags and activate this double xp codes. I’m currently at SR25.

Oh, thanks.

So the answer is, i get all specializations at SR 50 whereas without the code i would only get 2?

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Ok - let me try to explain this. You have them avaliable but they’re not unlocked. Everyone else can only see wetwork and pioneer there. You still have to unlock them one by one by reaching the maximum level in each specialization, you must reach sr50 before you can pick one.

Unfortuantly Microsoft is giving them away to anyone who plays this month, so in really there is no exclusiveness for LE buyers the only way you’ll get any form of benefit is if you manage to get to SR50 before Microsoft releases them to all the players that played this month. So in reality at most you might get a few days, a week maybe, to use a specialization before everyone else does.

> So the answer is, i get all specializations at SR 50 whereas without the code i would only get 2?

Sort’ve. Limited Edition or not, when you choose a Specialization, you can’t switch it for another until you rank it all the way to 10. Us limited edition owners, after reaching SR50, will be able to pick out one out of all of the specializations as opposed to just 2 like everyone else.

I have my eye on Stalker.

I have my eye on Engineer.

because I’m one