Halo 4 Specialization Code Trade

Hello fellow posters,

I do have a code for the extra ranks and are willing to trade for another armor, preferably not Prime, Oceanic or Fotus :slight_smile:

Keep Gaming!

Lol, why would you not want FOTUS?

What about 3 month XBL code?

i am in serious need of a code, I am lvl 70 and still have not gotten one. I don’t haz any of the armour codes you are looking for, but when I get my code I’ll give it to you along with a 14 day :slight_smile:

I propose a trade of your code for my appreciation?

All of you raise good points, and I already have fotus as I got the console :slight_smile: but seriously I would really like either pulse or raptor skins

Keep gaming

If anyone else has a code I would like it as well. I don’t have anything to trade other than a 14 day LIVE, but I’ll be stuck at 70 for a indefinite amount of time as the email for the spec code we are all waiting for can only be sent to people 17+ and I’m 16 years old.

I can trade you a locus helmet and bulletproof emblem for it