HALO 4 Special Edition 360 Console??

Please can somebody tell me if there’s going to be a Halo 4 console.

I don’t think they have annouced one but seeing how Halo 4 is Mircosoft’s baby I would assume they will since they have one for multiplatform games.

I dont think they are going to do any new consoles this late in the 360 lifespan. It would probly piss off alot of people if they went and bought a new console and then next year a new one comes out. But saying that if it happens I’ll sure as hell buy one.

Nothing has been announced yet. I’m not sure how far in advance they usually announce that stuff. I would be kind of surprised if they DID make one, just because of how old the 360 is now (as someone already said). We’re looking at next gen consoles within the next couple of years (I’m assuming), so it’d be rather pointless to have one.

Most likely, but possibly not since a new console will probably arise soon.

343i said there is only 2 editions, Normal and Limited, at this time.

I just got a new 360 Slim. I’ll be PISSED if there’s a Halo 4 console.