Halo 4 Spartan Ops Help!

Hey guys or girls… I just started to play Spartan Ops after a few weeks of playing Halo 4 and other game’s campaigns, and can anyone b my friend and help me with finishing episodes 1-4? I wish I there was a party match-up for epi 1-4… XBOX live name: RaigaKnight12
I’m available at most times night from 7pm-1am. afternoons are random for me

Sure :slight_smile: I’m online tonight from 7 til about half 9/10 if that works for you? I’m assuming you need some of the achievements?

Well all I want to do (if u get this) is complete the chapters. Achievements would be nice as well to get in doing the missions

Add me and if I’m on I’ll be glad to play, my GT is my username.

Add me =) I also need the achevements.

Can anyone help me on Halo 4 Spartan Ops right now? I’ll b on in like 30min. I just need some help with episodes 1-4