Halo 4 Spartan Ops Failure

This is THE failure with spartan ops.

i can play just fine online with my friends each in our own respective home.

BUT when i bring halo 4 over to my friends house who doesn’t have the game, we can’t play local spartan ops, dispite the fact that my friend has an Xbox Live enabled account. Because my “Lesser” profile at his place isn’t Xbox live Enabled. so i download my profile to his xbox and then we can… however he hasn’t seen the videos at all.

SO in order to watch the videos on the same console. i have to log out of my profile. then we need to exit the match just to clear the “group” status.

Then watch the video then i have to sign in again, requiring my password which takes time.

its SO inefficient! you’d figure that if two people were on the same system they could decide through consensus wether or not we want to watch the video, instead of saying for us, “No you can’t, because you don’t want to”

Want to see a majority feature that will let players watch videos based on a majority vote. if more then half say “No” then you skip the video, if more then half say “Yes” then you watch it.

OR allow local groups with Xbox Live accounts to watch the videos, because most people in the same room are smart enough to decide for them selves…