Halo 4 spartan ops ending(clues to Halo 5)

Ok so Spartan Ops Season 1 ended yesterday and I was actually shocked at the ending. Spoiler alert btw. So basically what we have is Requiem falling into the sun… a Halsey turned against the UNSC, and half of a key that contains all the forunner artifacts and locations. My question is where are they going from here.
What are your theorys on the matter
My Theory: So at the end of the campaign we have John saddened by Cortanas death and questioning his own humanity.“She said that once. About being a machine.” My likely theory is that Halsey and John are going to cross paths in the next game and John is going to question his kidnapping. On a side note I don’t know what is going to become of the prometheans at this point.(Requiem went into the sun, yes I know but I would hate 343 to -Yoinking!- kill all of them off in this I love taking these enemys down). So the clue to Halo 5 when it comes to war and locations. Most likely the unsc will be trying to find the other half of the key. If we are successful we may run into a few forerunner artifacts that have to do with the precursors and whether they are alive or not. The reason I think this is because at the end of primodorium the primordial said that humanity would have a test for the mantle. I think that humanity or the covenant will find the precursors and will go to war with them there.

Now with that being said… my theory may not be true…
So what theorys do you guys have?