Halo 4 Spartan Ops Achievement Failure

Finish All Five Episodes Any Mode

So I have finally completed all episodes on Legendary to find out that I do not get the achievement for beating Spartan Ops all 5 episode on any mode. Has anyone else experienced the same problem?



having the same problem :confused:

I hope 343 is aware of this issue? Maybe we should report the issue??

It’s a glitch. Simply replay Ep 1 Ch 1 (the very first chapter) on any difficulty and it will unlock.


It triggered when I finished Episode 5… maybe try playing them all over again?

I shall try now, I will keep you all updated. Thank you for the help.

Youre doing something wrong then. I watched someone get all of them yesterday. Dedicated needs to be all the new missions PLUS one more to get it to pop.

Its just like challenger, you need to get the 26th challenge for it to pop.

I did nothing wrong, Ahal was right… it was a glitch. I just replayed the first level on any difficulty and just got my achievement. It happens to some people, not everyone.

Thank you for the tips everyone, this was really helpful. I hope this post helps anyone else experiencing the same issue.

I am having the same problem as well. So for sure if I do episode 1 chapter 1 again it should go through?

Not 100% sure but it worked for me. I had completed all of the episodes in order and did not receive my achievement. I thought maybe I forgot a level, when I checked it said I did do all of the levels. I even tried replaying the last chapter in the last episode at first and nothing happened. So I tried AHal’s advice and it corrected my issue. Just replay the first mission in episode 1 on easy and BAM, you should have your 80 point achievement.

Oh, Lynn! Let me know if it corrected yours too, the more people that test this theory the more likely it will help anyone with the issue.