Halo 4 Spartan Hub Interface

Am I the only one that dislikes it? Don’t get me wrong, I can use it, it looks great but that’s it. It’s not practical and it’s not easy to see things or find things.

The Pros- It is definitely derived from its Bungie counterpart but with some aesthetic twists to look nice. It is really appealing. I can find my way around decently as well.

The Cons- I don’t see too much organization and it’s slightly impractical to use since you can’t see everything at one time in a nice columned list. Now you have to navigate through sets of squares. In games like Reach, I could go to (a working one at least) file browser menu and see the community’s most downloaded and recommended screenshots and go see my network status right there. In 4, the community file browser doesn’t even work and the network status says “Good” with no added details or specs.

What do you think about the new Spartan Hub menu?

I find it difficult as well and if you say that Reach’s Spartan Hub was better because of the order and how neat it was to find whatever you look for I trust your judgement by saying that it should be more like it. I personally don’t know Reach’s Hub I only have Halo 4 and the anniversary, but think of this. If the developers of the game set the same Spartan Hub to this new Halo 4 wouldn’t the audience by less interested in the game? What I mean is that if the company that developed the game Halo 4 set all the Spartan Hubs exactly the same then there would be no reason to buy it so they always come up with new designs for the menus of each game. For example. Would you buy a game with a very long storyline but all of the games related to the storyline have the same menu. From the beginning to the latest.