Halo 4: Soundtrack Analysis

I’ve been listening to the Halo 4 soundtrack (by Neil Davidge, fantastic job!) NON-STOP and I want to voice not only my opinion, but I feel that it gives some hints as to progression of the Campaign and the events within it. I know the game coming next Tuesday (inb4 “Why don’t just wait until then to find out?”)but I want to see what my fellow Spartans think. Here goes:


Track #1 - Awakening:
Possibly the Main Menu Theme/Spartan Ops Theme, can’t really say much about this. It’s pretty good.

Track #2 - Belly of The Beast:
Definitely the theme of the first mission (also a redux of the E3 2011 Teaser Theme) shown in GameInformer, whereas the Storm Covenant attack the Forward Unto Dawn. Loving the strings in this one.

Track #3 - Requiem: As this track is very short, I assume this it what play when you crawl from the wreckage of the FUD, and look out upon Requiem.

Track #4 - Legacy: Possibly related to above.

Track #5 - Faithless: Battle music? :stuck_out_tongue:

Track #6 - Haven: What plays once you climb aboard the Infinity and discover it’s more than meet the eye. The greatest feat of the United Nations Space Command.

Track #7: Nemesis: Your first engagement with the Prometheans?

Track #8: Ascendancy - Theme for the Storm Covenant?

Track #9: Solace - What plays when Chief and Cortana really have a moment to discuss what is at hand, what they’ve been through, and what perils are they to face.

Track #10: To Galaxy - Again, a possible Spartan Ops theme, however this could also apply to when Chief meets the Spartan IV’s aboard the Infinity (Yes, Spartans are in the Campaign. Go watch the E3 2012 Trailer, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0M7FJ9Qta8, Pause at 7:02 - THAT guy to Chief’s right with the blue visor is indeed a Spartan IV)

Track #11: Immaterial - Perhaps this is when the defecation hits the flabellum. Maybe when Cortana first starts showing signs of Rampancy, or the Didact communicates with MC ala Gravemind in the level “Cortana” in Halo 3.

Track #12: 117 - Oh, man. Now this one is my favorite by far. This track could be a follow-up to Track #10, however more focused on John-117, obviously. Perhaps this when the UNSC Infinity sees it’s repairs and takes to the air of Requiem, to continue the Mission against the Promethean. The last minute and thirty-seconds on this track are just…astounding.

Track #13: Arrival - Could be another version of the above, or the Multiplayer Theme.

Track #14: Revival - You round a corner, your eyes come upon a monolithic spherical structure with flecks of bright orange light scattered about it. You then hear the words: “I’ve long dreamt of this moment Reclaimer”…then you drop a load in your pants and run from the room. For those who don’t get/care for my little joke: The most obvious part of the game…Meeting the Didact.

Track #15: Green and Blue - "“We’re all that’s left…we…did what we had to do; for Earth. An entire Covenant armada obliterated…again, and the Didact - we had no choice. It’s finished” “Um. No, Cortana. We’ve got two more games y’know?”

Anyway, for the new direction that the Halo Franchise is taking, this new score is absolutely mind-blowing, fantastic, astounding…I can’t even find the right words!
I was hoping Marty would have stayed on, but it seems Reach was his last hurrah…and it was great. However, a part of me always felt the Marty O’Donnell’s music was just a tad too dark at times. For weeks I wondered what 343i had in store for the music for the greatest videogame franchise in existense, and Neil Davidge DID not disappoint.
To have a score that makes you celebrate a victory, makes you shed a tear for a companion that has been by your side for over a decade and makes you fear what may be hiding in the next room, Halo’s music has always embodied those emotions.

Here’s to Marty O’Donnell and Neil Davidge; The John Williams’ of Videogames!