Halo 4 Snipers?

What are yalls thoughts on the clips released showing the sniper rifle. 111

Looks like WALLE’s head is the scope.

liked the old sniper better but this one is still fine

Looks nice. I guess I’m the odd one out when I say that I like its appearance.

I love the sounds it makes too. Sounds very powerful.

I think the new Sniper is beast. And now you get medals for no-scoping so it makes it even better.

People need to stop complaining about it. I think the Sniper needed a change, but a lot of people can’t handle the fact that Halo 4 isn’t a copy of Halo 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah it will be fine but did anyone notice timming a difference with the shots, or was it just me.

I like it, except for the sound that it makes.

> Looks like WALLE’s head is the scope.

Pretty much. I guess as long as it functions properly I’m fine with it. But the design is pretty bad.

I like it! I think the sound could definitely use a change, but everybody who has actually had the chance to use it at RTX or E3 has said that it sounds incredible. It could just be a compression issue with the audio in all of the videos we’ve seen.

a sniper is a sniper is a sniper is a sniper

They made it look better in the Weapons trailer. Now they just need to show us the final audio of the damn sniper.