Halo 4 Slayer Pro

What happened to Slayer Pro? Imo it was the only playable playlist since there was no armor abilities, no tactical or support upgrade. It was FAIR!
Just like Halo multiplayer is supposed to be. Even if you are SR1 you could kill a SR 130.

Do anyone know if the playlist will be back? And will double team,team sniper and the old playlist return?

Lawl. Fair? just like from the past halo games in halo 4 skill determines the winner. All AA’s and tactcial/support mods and even the classes do is help you play to your playstyle more.

But OT slayer pro most likely will come back after the infinity challenge is said and done with. Thats why they removed it in the first place.

Ok, thank you for replying. Do you know when the Infinity challenge will end?

Next week monday.